Popular & Custom & Random Listing Posts

Popular Custom Random Listing Posts is a very powerful plugin/widget for WordPress which displays your posts and pages with or without thumbnails based on popularity for each post/page (visitors or visits), your custom settings or a random listing. It’s the perfect solution for any kind of website, eCommerce or simple blogs and it comes with full customization options.

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Popular Posts

The plugin keeps each visit and visitor for each post and page and you will be able display your top of pages or posts based on that from a specific time interval or time period.

Custom Listing

You can manage your list of posts and pages to be sort by the number of comments or date and title and you can pick posts and pages from a specific time interval.

Random Listing

PCR Posts plugin has a smart algorithm to randomize your list of posts and pages so you will have a new list of posts all the time covering all the posts.


Now you can display your thumbnail from each post or page and if the thumbnail is missing you can set a default one by yourself.


You will be able to customize the style for every single element you want to display, title, content, excerpt, links, thumbnails.

How to

Every section of the widget will have a helpful description, allowing you to fully understand what and how to best integrate it in your WordPress

Ordering Options

You will be able to chose exactly how to order the posts you want to display, or you can just use random ordering.

Customizable Content

Chose what part of the content you want to display title, content, excerpt, thumbnail. And choose which of these will have a link to the full article.

What is P&C&R Listing Posts for WordPress?

Popular&Custom&Random Listing Posts for WordPress is a great little plugin that gives you the ability to display your content the way you really want. The plugin has a large array of features that gives you full control over what and how should be displayed in your WordPress website. You can choose to display every combination of TitleContent, Excerpt, Thumbnail. Personalize every aspect of the way the content is being displayed, starting with the entire box, down to every single link. Unlike most of the similar widgets out there, PCR Listing Posts allows you to select the order in which the posts will be displayed based on number of comments, title and date, or you can leave it to random ordering.

One of the most important feature is the “Popular” section where you can decide if you want to display the posts or pages based on the number of visits or visitors. The plugin tracks all your posts and pages and keeps your visitors or visits. Your Top of Posts can be created based on a specific period of time or dynamically on the last Week, Month or Year.

Another important feature is that now you can decide where the widget can be visible or not. From the entire list of Post, Pages and Categories you will select by yourself where should not be saw the widget from the sidebar.

In the Future…

The great thing about this plugin is that it’s derived from need and future changes will be made based on that. The more people will use this plugin the more feedback we are likely to receive and the best suggestions for improvement will be added in the next versions.


If you want to use this plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.5+, and install the plugin.


List of Features

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